Our team

Sabrina COCCIA is the founder and CEO of Aquarius Institut[e]. She is an expert in strategy and management and also an entrepreneur. She knows sharply the business world and its codes, she coached many executives and managers, as well as companies. Sabrina do believe in the inner potentials of any person and created Aquarius Institut[e] to bring people to express their true powerful self with a special focus for women.

"Women are the future of the world, get ready to be this future, be yourself"

Sabrina is a Master Practitioner in NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis and created her own methodology to reveal the magic inside you.

Shikha SINGH is a Practitioner in NLP and has a Master in Psychotherapy and Counseling. With over 15 years of experience in Public Relations, Marcom and Business Consulting, she has a very people-centric approach. An embodiment of empathy and intuitive healing she brings a fresh and iconoclastic approach to personal breakthroughs. She has a keen eye towards deepening the self -discovery experience and laying bare the truths that one at times tends to push under the carpet. Her approach opens new doors for personal healing and recreating a more wholesome persona. Her holistic approach to mind-body-soul balance makes her a keenly sought after personal coach. After completing her Exec MBA from France, she currently works with entrepreneurs and startups for Change Management, Strategy Building, Design Thinking and Digital Marketing solutions.