Women Self-Transformation Program

WHAT is this program? 

The Women Self-Transformation Program has been conceived especially for women: executives, entrepreneurs, managers or just any woman who wants to gain assertiveness, impose her style, be influent and charismatic in this world and rejoicing being... a woman.

WHY this program? 

As women, we often don't dare just to be ourselves! Even if we know we have an enormous potential. With this program, you will be revealed. Revealed to yourself by invoking the magic within you, a kind that will bring you assertiveness and confidence in being the super YOU. 

HOW does it work?

When you join the WST program, you join a group of 18 women max. Being in a group is a very powerful way of growing and finding support, of being part of a common and exceptional human adventure. 3 times a year, the group will meet for a 3 days' workshops (9 days total). In between, you'll be asked to do some homework, individually and within small groups. 

See below for more info on the program.

Invest in yourself this year! 

Don't miss the 2018 Women Self Transformation Program that will take place for the first time in New Delhi, India starting the 6th/7th/8th of April. 

The Self-Transformation Program Outline

Day by day, a glimpse of the program, surprises are included but not revealed ;-):

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Presentation
  • Personal video
  • Preparing for the program, the basics to acquire

Day 2

  • My values
  • My life mission
  • My life objectives (1)

Day 3

  • Transforming your limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs
  • The hopscotch of beliefs

Day 4

  • Tolerance and empathy
  • Cutting the cords of dependency

Day 5

  • The logical levels: Being aligned and giving meaning to one's life

Day 6

  • Tools for everyday magic :

IMO, Visual Squash, Stakeholder theory

Day 7

  • Self esteem
  • Self-confidence

Day 8

  • The letter from my future self
  • The time lines
  • My life objectives (2)

Day 9

  • The magic square
  • The common creation
  • Final personal video